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BMG Foundation
Message from the Chairman Vision, Mission and Goals Team Members

Welcome to the BMG Foundation, a platform where charitable projects are executed in an effort to contribute to society we live in and enhance the culture that surrounds and nurtures us.


More than a decade ago, I had a vision whereby high profile business and social leaders from the East joined high profile business and social leaders from the West, thereby bridging cultures while simultaneously contributing to making an active difference through contribution-worthy causes. Thus, the GCC Polo Cup was born.


Shortly thereafter, in my attempt to enrich the Arab modern art scene, BMG Foundation established the Art Alive initiative, which provided artists of international repute an arena to exhibit their work in our local community. The Art Alive initiative has been renamed the Diplomacy of Art as of 2013.


On the musical front, Foundation Classics (previously BMG Classics) are a series of spectacular classical musical performances conducted by internationally acclaimed orchestras and musical artists from the East, taking place in some of the most prestigious concert venues globally.


All three events aim to build bridges between East and West, provide networking opportunities for business leaders and promote local appreciation for artistic, musical and sporting endeavors. As the events are cultural in nature, BMG Foundation has coined the term Corporate Cultural Responsibility (CCR) to describe these unique activities.


Over the last decade, BMG Foundation has raised funds for needy children in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Lebanon and the UK. Likewise, through the support of our honorable sponsors, we wish to continue to make a difference in our global community.


With much inspired enthusiasm and gusto, we are looking forward to yet another successful decade of enhancing the culture of this global village that our world has truly become.


We sincerely thank you, friends and colleagues, for your ongoing interest and support.


Basil M. Al Ghalayini

CEO of BMG Financial and Chairman of BMG Foundation

Message from the Chairman
Vision, Mission and Goals
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